Grazing Table

A grazing table is the perfect way to serve food at your event and it’s a great way to make a lasting impression on your gues

The self-service table is a much lighter and more elegant alternative to a buffet, but be rest assured, there is plenty of food to go around for the ones who want to their appetite and not just their eyes. The food lasts longer and creates an atmosphere at your event of abundance, leaving your guests feeling like they are spoilt for choice.

It is also an ideal option if your venue has limited kitchen facilities and looks sensational indoors or out!

Our grazing tables typical consist of the below but can vary depending on seasons and availability of stock.

* Assorted bread rolls, sliced loaves, whole loaves, bread sticks and crackers;

* A variety of cold meats, including a Prosciutto, Salami, Leg Ham and mortadella

* Assorted marinated or pickled vegetables

* A variety of Cheese

* Assorted wafers, dried fruits & nuts;

* Assorted olives and marinated vegetables, such as Sicilian olives, giardiniera, cornichons or caper berries;

* A selection of fresh seasonal fruit, vegetables and herbs for both decoration & consumption

* And we can’t forget chocolate for the sweet tooths


Please feel free to contact us regarding the Grazing table and give us a chance to make you happy.